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A one-hour TV documentary film entitled The Nature of Sex  —  inspired by my book How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction, co-produced by Elliott Haimoff (Director, Global Science Productions) and Natalia Reagan, is narrated by me and also includes segments by Natalia. It incorporates focal interviews with a dozen experts from anthropology and medical sciences: Susan Alberts, Julian Caldicott, David Chivers, Lee Durrell, Sandy Harcourt, Nina Jablonski, Jürgen Liebermann, Peter Nathanielsz, Julienne Rutherford, Kelly Stewart, Ian Tattersall. Stunning original footage — notably including film of various wild-living primates, an orangutan birth recorded at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and initial development of a human zygote in a sequence from the Fertlity Centers of Illinois  — provides a fitting backdrop. The title image for the documentary was painted by Anne-Elise Martin and cartoons by Alex Martin also make an appearance.


Here is a dedicated link to the Facebook page for the documentary film:

































This documentary film is now publicly available on Amazon, either for sale or for rental.





In view of continuing interest in the status of the Flores hominid, described as the new species Homo floresiensis, and the 10th anniversary of the first published papers, you might like to see the following video recording of a debate with Fred Smith, organized as the first Boston University Dialogue in Anthropology in 2010:

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